10 tips to stop viruses and malware on your computer

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Filter your browsing content Many firewalls, including Barracuda NextGen Firewalls, provide filtering of web content from harmful sources. If you already have a good firewall, stand-alone web filters are available in hardware and software forms. We can assist you in implementing solutions with Cisco Umbrella, Barracuda Web Security, and others. Use Protection Get yourself a […]

Block out some time and services with Exceed

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Do you need additional time, people, or expertise for your special project? Perhaps your disaster recovery and business continuity plan have been approved, or maybe your new cloud computing migration has finally received the green light. From migrations to implementations, security audits to daily support – Exceed Consulting is here to assist you. We understand your need […]

Reduce data usage when travelling

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  Note: The steps below may vary somewhat for different versions of Phone Operating Systems   If you do not want to receive Email automatically: Disable your device’s auto-check functionality. You may then utilize Wi-Fi as a supplement to Phone Data Plans to download and manually check email. Free Wi-Fi is available in many domestic […]

Cryptolocker Virus Alert

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This is a service message from Exceed Consulting regarding a recent widespread virus outbreak. Cryptolocker Virus Alert A major virus threat has started making the rounds. Typically the virus is introduced by email. IN this case, the emails are often, but not always, just text with no (or very few) links and a single attachment. […]